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How to Ensure you’re Swarovski Crystals are Genuine

Swarovski crystals are highly valued for their quality construction and precision machine cut beauty, making them the most famous polished bead jewelry in the world. The brilliant innovation of this top-quality product has naturally produced many imitations.

These can be found in abundance around your local bead providers and plenty of DIY fashion supply stores. Most often these are made of glass, Pyrex or even plastic.

But, the genuine article is something different. The special compounds that were created to create the Swarovski crystals can’t be imitated so easily. The incredible brilliance and beauty of this product is due to the confidential recipe found in every piece.

There is also a delicate palette that holds light in ways that dyed glass simply doesn’t. If you aren’t sure you are looking at genuine articles, here are some pointers that can help you out.

Perfectly Uniform — being cut by a precision machine, the crystals produced by the authentic manufacturers are all exactly the same. The slopes, facets and angles are all precisely uniform something very hard to accomplish with a hand polished bead. When compared together the counterfeit will be of a different size and with other imperfections in dimensions.

This kind of precision is made possible by some very sophisticated machinery. In order to, to achieve this uniform appeal and precision reflection in light the polishing must be programmed with dedicated computer software. This programming is all done at sophisticated 3D imaging.

Perfect Junctures — Another aspect that sets the hand polished glass apart from the genuine crystal is the point of junctures. If you look closely at the points where the facets and angle s line up, the real deal has a single point where all side lead up to. This is much like you will see in diamond faceting. This part of the process makes the crystals hold the light in a very specific way.

Surface Luster — You will see that the surfaces of the true Swarovski crystals have a uniform luster and clear appeal from a special AB finish applied. In a low quality option, these surfaces are marked with a swirls and scuff marks from low quality finish. If you see swirls, oily marks and other scratches on the surface of the crystal, you are not looking at an authentic article.

Inner Perfection — diamonds will sometimes have inclusions that affect their value. These crystals on the other hand are all created perfect on the indie and have no such flaws. Glass also can have small imperfections in the form of bubbles that affect the way they hold light. This is another important indication of the real crystal.

Special Compounds — due to the special design and glass compounds within a genuine crystal, you will notice that a genuine article will out sparkle any other glass jewelry when held side by side. This is a simple test that can be performed if you already own a genuine crystal.

Your best bet for purchasing genuine crystal is to work with a reputable dealer.