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Getting married is not only an experience that will change your life forever, it is also an experience that will change your financial situation as well. This means that it is important to sit down and determine what will make sense for you financially. Before you purchase a yellow diamond engagement ring or wedding ring set from kay coupons today.

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If you begin to feel anxious at the phrase ‘wedding budget’, you should know that you are not alone. Even if you are good at math, it can be challenging to ‘crunch the numbers’ to know what type of budget you need to create so you can purchase an diamond necklace or wedding bands.

The good news is that the process is easier than most people think, and by budgeting, using clearance and military discount you will be satisfied with your purchase.

It is critical that you know just how many chocolate diamonds and ruby rings you can afford. Before you go shopping for a ring with a kay jewelers promo code later. Find out about the next jewelry sale and other necklace sale. This is especially true if you starting your new life with the love of your life. The two of you will be combining finances. You will search for kay coupon code and you do not want to begin a marriage with more debt than you can afford.

How To Calculate Your Budget

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The first thing that you will need to do is find a coupon for kays coupons and calculate your total income. This income includes your regular pay, plus any other income sources you may have. Keep a record of these assets separately.

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You will then need to calculate and record your expenses. Include all expenses including:

Car payment
Cell phone payment
Other fixed monthly expenses

You will then need to record other expenses, known as variable expenses when heading to the engagement ring sale. This list can include expenses like entertainment, groceries, investments, maintenance and repairs, and savings. It is important that you never underestimate these expenses. In fact, you can add a dollar or two to each to ensure you have accurately recorded the expense.

The next thing you will need to do is compare are kay jewelry sale and the income to the expenses. If the income is less, you will need to look for ways to cut your expenses with a discount code. That may mean dropping cable or getting a cheaper cell phone plan.

Be sure you feel good about this budget because you will be living with it for some time.

How Much Can You Afford?

So, how can you use this information? There are several places where you can get the money you need. One of the places you can look is in your savings. If you have an active savings account, determine how much money you will use towards the purchase of the ring.

Kays Coupon Codes vs Military Discount Sales

You can also apply for credit to help towards the purchase. Keep in mind that if you use this option, the payments will need to be made even after the marriage. Be sure your fiance is okay with this option because it is a debt that will continue long after the ‘I Do’s’ have been said.

You can also use store credit to pay for part or all of the black diamond ring purchase. Many online fashion stores offer better interest rates than credit card companies.

Creating a budget to pay for an engagement or wedding ring deals with kays promo code is not be the most romantic part of the wedding planning process. The upside: You will be financially prepared for the future.

The perfect days to enhance your jewelry collection is Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Just head to fashion retailers or sterling jewelers and get beautiful bling.